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Salutations, my name is Satina! I am a 42-year-old mother of two, ages 14 and 6, and I have recently been diagnosed with stage 3 “Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer” in both breasts, and cancer cells growing in my ovaries.


As a proud mother, I admit to breastfeeding my children well past the two-year mark. I was told in breastfeeding class that doing so will lower your chances of getting breast cancer, and with my Maternal Aunt being diagnosed with stage 4 in 2000, I kept the liquid gold party going!

However, in 2017 I felt something was “off” in my left breast; I felt a very small knot. 

I scheduled and went to the doctor, who told me he didn’t feel anything. Knowing I have dense breast tissue, I knew something was there and kept telling the doctor “it’s right there” every time he circled the area on my breast where I felt a knot. But it wasn’t until April 30, 2020, that, prompted by a dream my daughter had, that I finally scheduled an appointment to see another physician concerning my growing knot in my breast. On May 5th I was diagnosed.  


I had a full hysterectomy on May 2nd to stop the highway of estrogen which the cancer was feeding off of. Trust me…. I’m not having any more kids… so I didn’t need them, but now… I have been pushed into menopause land. I also received a Port-A-Cath in my chest to start receiving my chemo treatment which started May 28th. The actual hair loss started happening 1 week after my 1st treatment when I was told by the oncologist that it wouldn’t happen until after the 2nd treatment. Go figure!


Every day when I combed my hair I saw a lot of it left either on my comb or in my shower; so, one morning, I decided to shave it all off. Funny thing is, I already started my natural hair journey in March with the “big chop”. I went from growing thicker, healthier hair to now being completely bald! Although I’m told I wear my baldness well.


My last Chemo treatment was October 8, 2020 (YAAYYY) and October 30th was my surgery of Bilateral Mastectomy with the removal of lymph nodes. I know my journey is far from being over, I still have to do radiation which is about 6 and a half weeks long, and I opted-in to having reconstructive surgery. Now with all of these new upcoming appointments, I am blessed to be sitting here telling you guys my story with an outlet to do so, and find myself even more blessed to have won this give-a-way! 


You just don’t know what a challenge it is to want to go grocery shopping or to an appointment looking cute and feeling sexy, but only have minimum options on what to put on this beautiful bald head of mine besides a hat or a scarf! I thank you very much Ms. Mercedes for not giving up on that feeling about me, and it was more of a blessing to meet her in person.


I want everyone to remember, only YOU know how your body feels. If you feel something different happening in your breasts go get them checked and be VERY adamant about getting a Mammogram! Don’t let them tell you otherwise!!!

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